Industrial Uses

Real-time robotic controls

The underlying technology of Cy-Fighter allows unprecedented control, coordination, and monitoring of industrial robotics. Its real-time robotic control allows factory robots to work without a pre-set routine, and to adapt to variations in production.


Human-safe collaboration

The technology that enables combat also allows the robots to avoid contact with obstacles and humans. This allows human-safe, unscripted robotics – an extraordinary advantage over conventional systems.

Real-time monitoring and resource management

The real-time control system provides immediate production status and tracking. This can track every product at every stage of manufacture, and can report machine utilization and efficiency statistics.

Immediate, interactive data visualization

Data can be output for traditional databases and tracking tools. Or, the manager can use VR to enter a birds-eye view of the factory with data overlays of the production process. With the upcoming generation of Augmented Reality glasses, a manager can walk through the factory with data visualization on a heads-up display.